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About Us

Highly motivated professionals of VanguardME bring together a depth of knowledge and passion about medical education that is truly unique.

VanguardME offers instructional programs/events held around the globe to Physician's and other Healthcare professionals through a variety of CME Accredited conferences and non-accredited events. Healthcare professionals use these programs to help prepare for and maintain their certification, to learn the latest technological advances in their respective fields, and to better serve their patients.

Flawless execution of events and providing superior association services is our mandate. We are committed to driving growth, creating value, and ensuring sustainability for our clients so that they may realize their fullest potential. VanguardME is dedicated to deliver your needs in a professional and cost-effective manner.

VanguardME staff members work in all phases of the process. Our capabilities include writing, editing, designing, CME accreditation, audio and video engineering, medical program marketing and all aspects of event planning and logistics.